Computer Coddling:  A single extra click – unnecessary but required – can doom a database. Nowadays, people just don’t have the time to coddle a computer. People resent it when the computer requires them to touch their elbow to their nose before standing on their head, just to get an essential report to print. It really doesn’t need to be this way – but it very often is.

An Art or a Science? Megalo has build a reputation on providing easy to use systems. It is an art not a science. The best path through a database varies by the type of business and the personality of the people who use it. Some people prefer very detailed, industrial strength displays that include EVERYTHING in one place. Other people prefer to see an overview and then drill down to see more detail. Some people need to have pretty pictures on each form before they can fall in love with a database. Sometimes, it is as easy as adding one button in the right spot, to make everything flow in a the way that is natural to you and your staff.

Writing “specs”:  It can be very frustrating for a business owner to try to explain what you need to a geeky programmer. If you could provide the level of detail needed, you could probably program it yourself, and you wouldn’t need to explain it. Instead, the process that Melissa uses to reach the goal of ultimate user-friendliness is very different than what you might have previously experienced. She will develop a series of prototypes, based on your initial descriptions, and you can point to the one(s) you like best. It’s as easy as an eye test. (Do you like #1 or #2? Would you prefer #2 or #3? ) Once you can see all that is possible, and once you have had a chance to live with a database for a while, you will have new ideas and will reach new levels of productivity.

Megalo customers say:

“You are a dream! So, it wasn’t that painful at all. Thank you, again. You’re a life saver.”
“The button is fantastic, especially for a brainless data entry person who has had a glass of wine — well, maybe a bottle. Thanks for all your help and speedy service.”