Database Integration:  One of the beauties of Microsoft Access is it’s ability to “talk” to other databases.  Of course, importing and exporting data has been available for a long time.  But, in addition, we can give you the ability to dynamically update information from one program to another, automatically, instantaneously or at the click of a button.  Megalo has developed Access databases that update contact information in Outlook, for example, whenever a change is made to certain contact information in the Access database.  Another popular option is to build  Access databases that update information in Quickbooks, such as creating invoices and maintaining inventory.  We have built Access datbases that connect to big server databases, that read HL7 files from Quest Diagnosics, that interact with web databases and all sorts of other files.  This means that all of your data is available in one place, that you only have to enter data in one place, and that all of your data stays integrated and accurate, even though you take advantage of a large variety of software packages.

An example from the Megalo archives:  For example, if your business involves the collection of medical waste, or recycled materials, you might use your Microsoft Access database to generate the list of customers that require pickups for that day. If any new requests have come in from your customers, via your Internet database, your Access database can integrate these new pickups into the schedule for the day. Once the schedule is finalized, Access can then pass the customer list over to your mapping software to generate the most efficient route for your trucks. When the routes have been run, Microsoft Access can automatically generate the invoices in Quickbooks, based on the weights and materials collected. In addition, when service contracts are about to expire, your Access database can do a mail/merge to create a renewal letter for those customers, including information about new pricing and new services. From your perspective, the process is simple, and the data (such as names and addresses) need only be updated in one place.

Database integration can bring an amazing level of productivity to your business. In the words of one Megalo customer:

“You are da-bomb!”

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