What it takes:  Developing a custom database is a tricky process. It requires good communication skills, linear thinking, out-of the-box creativity, a firm knowledge of what makes a small business profitable, and excellent geeky talents. This diverse skill set is not often found in one person. Often, a small business will find someone with excellent geeky talents and will try to bridge the gap. Often, this does not work.

Making it easy:  Imagine how much easier it is to build a database when you have the opportunity to personally work with someone like Melissa, who can provide all of these skills, and more. You can look through the Megalo archives for ideas.  You can simply enumerate your frustrations and let Melissa come up with ideas on how to best fix those problems.  Or, you can start by writing your own database program and then calling Megalo when you reach the limits of your skills.  Whatever works best for you is fine with us.

What Megalo customers are saying:

“What can I tell you? It’s BEAUTIFUL, just MARVELOUS…..and thanks as always for all you do.”
“First, I’d like to tell you you’re getting rave reviews from our users and from me. Your openness and creativity has been much appreciated.”

Feel free to call Megalo and figure out what process works best for you: 720-480-3682.