In today’s world, no small business can survive without good information, a good database. Very often small businesses turn to MS Access to provide that platform. Without the help of a professional developer, though, a MS Access database seldom lives up to its full potential.

Fortunately, Megalo’s founder, Melissa Dunning, has 17 years of experience building custom databases in MS Access for a wide variety of industries. With a Masters Degree in Statistics, she is always eager to use her data mining skills to help her customers learn more about their customers, their business and their opportunities to be successful.

In spite of all of this education and experience, Melissa is still capable of communicating with humans and prides herself on her ability to create databases with a human face and a “fun” personality. She communicates well, understands what you need, keeps an eye on the cost-effectiveness of your database. Send a Message with your database needs.


What Megalo customers are saying:

“First, I’d like to tell you you’re getting rave reviews from our users and from me. Your openness and creativity has been much appreciated.”
“What can I tell you? It’s BEAUTIFUL, just MARVELOUS…..and thanks as always for all you do.”